The Saratoga Workforce Index is a reference of the national averages of 30 commonly requested HR metrics. Based on PwC Saratoga’s annual workforce benchmarking study of over 1,000 metrics spanning hundreds of companies and over 20 industries, the Saratoga Workforce Index is your “quick start” guide to workforce benchmarks.

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Saratoga Workforce Index

A reference of the definition and national averages of commonly requested HR metrics.

The national averages for 30 of the most commonly requested HR metrics, including turnover rates, cost per hire, headcount ratios, voluntary separation rates and more.

How to use the Saratoga Workforce Index through its four main categories and corresponding benchmarks: staffing, efficiency, productivity, and equity.

As remote work, labor shortages and company layoffs echo through the media, many companies are likely wondering if — or when — they need to worry about putting actions in place to safeguard their workforce.

The benchmarks in the Saratoga Workforce Index help you answer these concerns. With these benchmarks, you can tell your executive team if changes in your workforce are better or worse than others in your industry or the country — to either assuage fears or drive immediate action.

Read the Saratoga Workforce Index to learn:

How Saratoga workforce and HR benchmarks can provide reference points for executive-level discussions, context for people dashboards and data to inform workforce and HR decisions.

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